Ecodoc helps independent healthcare professionals to document and manage their workflows.

Ideal for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, caregivers, speech therapists and beauticians.

Establish accuracy and efficiency in your customers' documentation using Ecodoc's 13-language auto-transcription recorder.

Factual precision!

Artificial intelligence!

Transform printed documents, exams and photographs, or capture screens from the main software on the market, into digital documents transcribed by Ecodoc's artificial intelligence.

Promote the exchange of information of images, audios and documents using the main social networks and messaging apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat and others).

Share and capture.

Manage your agenda visually and quickly to maximize your time and work.

Your time matters!

Our interaction techniques will take 95% less typing time.



Zero investments in integrations. Take a photo and that's it!

Thirteen languages and every time zone in the world.


Use anywhere and sync your information over mobile networks or Wi-Fi.


With or without internet.

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